Service Gateway Engine

Universal service platform

The universal service platform*, the best solution on the market, both in performance and functionality (CG-NAT, BRAS, DPI, URL filtering, Quality of Experience (QoE)).

* When ordering in the EcoSGE platform specification at least one license is included by default, for example, EcoFilter, EcoNAT.

Telecom operator-oriented product that can solve the issue of the lack of IPv4 addresses while maintaining the existing IPv4 infrastructure and providing capabilities for smooth migration to IPv6.

EcoNAT provides various types of address translation simultaneously: CG-NAT / PAT, Basic NAT, 1:1 static translation.

High-performance URL filtering of prohibited sites and user lists.

The software component, supported by the EcoSGE and EcoDPI platforms, is designed to collect statistics that measure the subscriber’s quality of perception (Quality of Experience), various metrics are being developed for further analysis of user experience and flexible quality management of services delivered.

EcoBRAS allows a telecom operator to implement the functionality of a Service Gateway, which includes capabilities that are necessary for each broadband or wireless access operator, such as controlling subscriber access to data services, limiting access speed, disconnecting subscribers with redirecting to a portal or page with a notification about the need to charge up subscriber's balance, as well as to demonstrate information messages to subscribers by redirecting to the portal.

EcoDPI solution is designed to analyze packages up to the application layer (Layer 7) of the OSI model. EcoDPI detects traffic from more than 3,000 different applications.

EcoZR (Zero-rating) is tailored for telecom companies to provide free access to resources on the Internet.


IP/MPLS Routers

Multi-purpose universal platform for implementation of IP/MPLS router, BRAS, Service Gateway for Wi-Fi networks (SGW-WiFi) and many more.

EcoRouter supports container virtualization technology, which is compatible with the Linux Container Standard (OCI – Open Container Initiative).

IP/MPLS routers designed to carry out critical functions in the networks of telecom operators at the levels of aggregation, distribution, core, network boundary (ASBR).

Broadband Network Gateway based on the hardware & software EcoRouter system.


Programmable Switch

A high-performance programmable switch.

The EcoBalancer and EcoTap products are based on the EcoSwitch Platform.

EcoBalancer distributes the load between multiple EcoSGE devices, providing the capability to process traffic at terabit speeds.

Complex solution for datacenters for DDoS detection and mitigation.

EcoTap provides pre-filtering, modification, distribution and transmission of traffic at terabit speeds.

Optical Bypass

Optical Bypass

The EcoBypass device is installed in the gap between two routers of the operator’s network and redirects traffic flows to the EcoSGE or EcoBalancer for further processing.

Free test drive and configuration

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